Against The Odds

Against The Odds

The Resistance in Nazi Concentration Camps

45 mins, Documentary, 2004
Director - Jedrzej Jonasz
Producer - Maciej Jonasz

Against The Odds is a documentary about the resistance in Nazi concentration camps.  It tells the largely unknown story of the people who were strong enough to fight back even in the hell that was inside the camps.  It describes various forms of resistancs such as the smuggling of medicines, elimination of Gestapo informers within the camps, sabotage in weapons factories and preparations for rebellions in the camps.

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"a very valuable addition to the filmed history of World War II...informative and entertaining" - Joe Fox, Movies editor, the Toronto Star

"insigthful and well researched documentary" - The Montreal Mirror

"Congratulations to the director and producer for the idea to produce a documentary about the heroic and very effective fight against the enemy within the camps." T. Kaszuba, KL Stutthof survivor

"Wonderful Doc!!" Paul Haber, Discovery Channel Canada