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Monte Cassino available for sale

04/06/2008 19:56
The documentary Monte Cassino is now available for sale on DVD through Capital j. Films.

New map feature added to "Getting Around"

03/06/2008 23:03
Google Maps has a great feature to draw paths and plot points directly on their maps. You can then take those and embed them directly into your site. We've added some hiking trail paths next to the hiking episodes of our travel series "Getting Around". Check out the updated website:...

Monte Cassino completed

13/05/2008 02:56
The WW2 documentary "Monte Cassino" created by Jedrzej and Maciej Jonasz has been completed after several years of work. Stay tuned for DVD and sales updates.

Great article about Web 2.0 film financing

01/05/2008 03:25
Scott Kirsner of the CinemaTech blog has just posted a great article on several unique and interesting ways to finance a feature film using Web 2.0 sites and the power of social networks. Great job Scott! - Posted by...


26/04/2008 23:37
Our weekly video podcast "Tea Tips" has received well over 4000 views in the first 3 weeks. The first 3 episodes have been very successful, and we have received a lot of great comments from our viewers.

HD Video Streaming!

26/04/2008 22:10
I've just started using a video sharing service called Vimeo, they offer great quality and are one of the few video sites that offers HD. Check out the HD stream of my music video "Safe With You" (Click on FULL to get the HD experience):   Safe With You from Jedrzej Jonasz on Vimeo....

Tea Tips - The production of a weekly video podcast - Part 1

20/04/2008 00:37
  During the filming of our web travel series "Getting Around", we met Mark "Dr. Tea" Ukra at Dr. Tea's Tea Garden and Herbal Emporium in West Hollywood. After we posted that episode on TripFilms, it occured to us that Dr. Tea would make the perfect host for a tea-centric video podcast. He...

New Podcast

20/04/2008 00:32
Capital j. Films is proud to announce the production of the first episode of new video podcast "Tea Tips with Dr. Tea". Check out new weekly episodes at

Canon HV20 Review

05/04/2008 23:34
There's independent films and videos of all budgets, in Hollywood independent can mean under $20 million, but to most of us it means credit cards. To the indie filmmaker, who's budget is in the range of zero to a few thousand, finding the right camera can be a lengthy and complicated search. I...

1000th TripFilm

05/04/2008 03:27
One of the hotel episode of the web travel series "Getting Around" was the 1000th video on We now have over 30 episodes on TripFilms, with more coming every week.