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Branded web content, the evolution of online ads

13/10/2009 17:15
A few weeks ago I came across a web show called Critics, where two experienced film professionals discuss and critique videos found on The show is beautifully shot, the banter witty and the videos well curated. Immediately I wanted to see more episodes and see what else this company was...

Digital Cinema New Wave: Part 2 - The Canon 7D

05/10/2009 23:21
Things are moving very quickly in the world of DSLR HD, or HDSLR as the format has now been termed. It seems that every month a new camera enters the spotlight, and now Canon is fighting back with the new 7D. The Canon 7D is not a replacement for the 5D Mark II, it's a new camera that is even more...

Blog: DSLR HD part 1

14/09/2009 02:11
Read part 1 of our series on DSLR HD cameras on our blog page.

Digital cinema new wave: HD capable DSLRs - part 1

14/09/2009 00:28
The year 2008 marked the beginning of a new age in low cost digital video technology: HD capable DSLR still cameras. The Nikon D90 was the first to step on the scene with 720p resolution. But being the first there were some compromises: the sensor was not designed for video which led to one major...

Against The Odds historical reference website

22/06/2009 15:38
With the popularity of the documentary "Against The Odds" we have created a free historical reference website that features additional information about the resistance movement inside Nazi Concentration Camps. You can see this full site at here: AGAINST THE ODDS

Low Budget DVDs

31/03/2009 21:42
The feature length comedy "Low Budget" is now available on DVD from our website for $14.99. Click on Sales to find out more about buying a DVD of this hilarious buddy comedy.

DVDs on Amazon

16/03/2009 14:27
We have just added the "Against The Odds" and "Monte Cassino" DVD's to Amazon for $19.99 each. You can still buy them directly from Capital j. Films if you prefer. If you are looking for a public performance license (ie: Schools, Universities, Libraries), please buy them through our site for the...

European Delivery Live!

25/02/2009 02:40
Our web travel show "Getting Around" has just launched the first episode of the European Delivery series that highlights BMW's European Delivery program while taking a road trip across Europe.

Monte Cassino music

13/06/2008 16:20
Composed and performed by Brian Lyster, for more information on his musical talent, please visit:

Tea Tips - The production of a weekly video podcast Part 2

08/06/2008 00:51
In the first days of podcasting you had to have a server to store your podcast on. Usually that was the same server where you had your website, and if you ever got a lot of downloads/views at one time, the server (and your website) would go down until you paid for more bandwidth. Fortunately, there...