Capital j Films is an independent film and digital video production company focused on providing client driven solutions in the production and post-production fields. 

Our goal is to work with clients toward developing a relationship consistently based on reliability through continued client interaction, and to develop our own projects with individuals we believe are talented, eager, and cinematically intuitive. With a high quality digital video editing system, and a friendly, relaxed environment, we provide a unique, individual approach to each project.

Founded in the Winter of 1999 by Jedrzej Jonasz and Ryan j Noth, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Capital j Films entered the new millennium with Where The Change Is, a 47 minute cross-Canada DV documentary on the common misconceptions of the approaching year change. 16mm short film projects such as Leaving Moonbeam and Jabberwocky: The Art of Reverse soon followed, and in the Fall of 2001 the company relocated to Toronto, Ontario.

After several non-commercial idependent films, in 2003 Capital j. Films moved into the production of fully commercial projects with the documentary Against The Odds, currently in distribution across North America. Financed by capital from individual investors, Capital j. Films aims to produce high quality documentaries and feature films which will provide the investors with a competitive return on investment. 



To learn about the current Capital j. Films projects and investment opportunities please visit the "Productions" section of this website or contact Maciej Jonasz.